Meet Tad Scharfenberg

As a second generation attorney with over 20 years experience in criminal law, Tad Scharfenberg knows exactly what it takes to win. His aggressive courtroom presence and dogged determination to obtain the best-case scenario for every client has earned him a reputation all across Suffolk and Nassau Counties. A good reputation if you're the defense. A very bad one if you're the prosecution . . .


Prestigious experience & recognized leadership

Every attorney claims to be the best. But not not every one can claim the level of peer recognition and proven leadership that has been the hallmark of Attorney Scharfenberg's career. As a former Assistant Suffolk County District Attorney and President of the Suffolk County Criminal Bar Association, Scharfenberg has proven his legal prowess and received recognition as a leader in his field.

"Do yourself a favor and hire Tad Scharfenberg. He and his staff are professional, courteous and hard working. He will handle your affairs, keep you in the loop and always return your phone calls. I'm extremely pleased that he was referred to me by friends that I trust. Thank you Tad!"



You deserve a fresh start. My expertise and experience in criminal proceedings serve as a guide through the legal process, one you won’t walk alone. You need an attorney who’s only focus is you. Click on any one of the practice areas below to learn more about how Scharfenberg can help you.



After helping thousands of criminal defendants for over 20 years in Suffolk and Nassau counties, as well as serving as the President of the Suffolk County Criminal Bar Association from 2007-2008, there’s one thing that’s clear: Your constitutional rights come first. Specifically, your right to justice is my highest concern. No matter the circumstances of your arrest, I’ll diligently examine and investigate every stage and search for any evidence of wrong-doing. You’ll have a clear and accurate view of what to expect, and we won’t leave any stone unturned.